Eventing Season Style Guide

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek, it's FINALLY springtime, and that means one thing..... the eventing season has well and truly begun!

Now this year has had a bit of a disastrous start unfortunately, due to the horrendous weather many events have sadly had to cancel :-(

But this weekend is one of my favourite events, Badminton!

Apart from the horses, the excitement of the event itself and the amazing shopping that's always on offer, eventing is also a great time to showcase some fab outfits, as well as there being a fashion focus on the 'Trot up' nowadays, with a 'Best Dressed' award for the best turned out rider.

I've put together a few different looks inspired by the season ahead, a few may well surprise you.

I've really focussed on being comfortable, yet stylish, whilst still being totally practical for the event itself. I cannot stress enough how important comfortable shoes/boots are. I always pack my Fairfax & Favor boots (naturally) and a pair of welly boots, because like a good girl guide you should always be prepared and especially for the course walk- you need to be comfy, I also love a pair of trainers or converse too if the ground is dry enough!

Layers- Needless to say, you cannot predict the weather, especially this time of year, so you do have to cover every eventuality. I usually tend to opt for a nice jacket, with a roll neck underneath and a vest or cami, which means that if it's cold I'm well layered or if it's hot, I can strip off and still look smart. Another essential is a good waterproof, and I always turn to Welligogs, who have some fab waterproof and wax jackets, which not only keep you warm and dry, they are super stylish too.

Here are some of the looks I've put together for the upcoming season, including a couple of more casual outfits (Trainers-weather permitting!)

Outfit 1

Outfit 1

Jacket: Kensington by Welligogs

Shirt: White Frill Shirt by Oxford Shirt Company

Jeans: New Look

Baker Boy Cap: Primark

Boots: Kensington by Fairfax & Favor

Outfit 2

Jacket: Balmoral Jacket by Welligogs

Frill Polo Neck Jumper: Warehouse

Jeans: New Look

Boots: Regina by Fairfax & Favor

Hat: Hicks & Brown

Outfit 3

Jacket: Boohoo

Black roll neck jumper: ASOS

Silk Scarf: Clare Shaw Fine Art

Jeans: As above

Baker boy cap: Carrie by Holland Cooper

Shoes: Apsley by Fairfax & Favor

Outfit 4

Sweatshirt: AWOL by Annabel Brocks

Belt: Annabel Brocks

Converse: Converse UK

Jeans: As before

Hat: Bora By Annabel Brocks

Outfit 5

Jacket: Knightsbridge by Holland Cooper

Lace top: H & M

Bag: Highcliffe by Fairfax & Favor

Boots: Kensington By Fairfax & Favor

Outfit 6

Jacket: Henley by Welligogs

Bag: The Dorchester by Fairfax & Favor

Jeans: As before

Boots: Amira by Fairfax & Favor

Shirt: Oxford Shirt Company

Outfit 7

Deck Shirt: Whale of A Time Clothing

Cap: Whale Of A Time Clothing

Pink Skinny Jeans: George @ Asda

Converse: Converse UK

Rainy day essentials

Hat: Hicks & Brown

Waterproof Jacket: Welligogs

Umbrella: Fairfax & Favor

Boots: Explorers by Fairfax & Favor

Jewellery: Pegasus Jewellery

So there you have it, my style ideas inspired for the eventing season, I hope you like them!

Thanks for reading, as always.