Rudds of Salcombe

If you are anything like me, then Wellington boots are an essential in your wardrobe. Used everyday at the stables, for dog walking and occasionally a festival or two (After a good clean!)

Due to the amount that I wear them, I seem to need a new pair every year, usually they crack, get a hole or two and start to leak, or the most annoying thing I find- when the lining wears out and the rest of the boot is fine but every time you wear them, you get a blister!

So when I was asked by Rudds to try out their brand new wellington boot, I jumped at the chance.

What makes Rudds different to all the rest?

Well a number of things, but the main one I’d say is these wellies have been specially designed so that you can ride in them (Yes you heard me correctly!)

This means you no longer have to get cold feet or waste a few precious minutes whilst you swap into your riding boots.

They have been designed with a 4inch foot width so it won’t get stuck in the stirrup, a kick off lug for easy removal (tried and tested) and a sturdy tread for extra grip! They also have a reflective strip down the back for extra visability when out hacking.

But let me tell you a little bit more about the design:

3mm Neoprene Lining- I’ve never owned a pair of neoprene lined wellies before and I can assure you, this makes all the difference in the cold.

Triple comfort shock absorbing insole- For extra comfort and perfect for your dismount.

Stainless steel foot support- to help the boot keep it’s shape and support the shape of the foot

Adjustable strap -To change the width across the calf- I have really skinny legs and struggle to get a close fit, and usually end up with hay and straw all down my leg and stuck to my socks, Not anymore, these give me plenty of room to layer up if I need to but I can get them nice and close to my leg too!

But the best part, 12 month NON SPLIT guarantee.

How can they guarantee that? Here’s the science bit-concentrate……..The boots are made from a non-split rubber formulated to resist urine and manure which can break down rubber components and cause them to split! AMAZING!

I cannot recommend these wellies enough, I really suffer when it’s cold, especially my hands and feet.

Usually in the winter I wear about 3 pairs of socks, including a thermal pair and my wellies or shooting boots and I always suffer with chilblains and cold feet. This year, I’ve worn my Rudds every day with one pair of normal riding socks, and honestly my feet have been toasty warm. I’ve worn them in the snow, the ice, minus temperatures and not a chilblain or cold toe in sight.

And even though the dog chewed them (I hated him for at least 24 hours and I cried actual tears) I’m STILL wearing them because I don’t want to wear anything else!

 Why would he do this to me?!

 The culprit- He couldn't even look at me!

So, I'm not sorry to say Goodbye to my old Hunters, you have been faithful to me but I'm afraid you have been upgraded! (Even with the teeth marks)

Coming soon for 2018 are Farming Rudds and Sailing Rudds.

Rudds Wellies retail at £130, they come in Navy and Black and you can find out all about them here.

Thanks for reading!