Style Spotlight

Welcome to my new blog series, Style Spotlight, where I’ll bring you my favourite thing right now!

I’m starting the series with a fab new brand called Bee Sting Clothing, You may have seen them already in a couple of my ‘Ways to wear’.

I first came across this brand after seeing a tee on Brooke Vincent from Coronation Street, and thought it looked pretty cool, I then had a look into the brand more and loved the ethos.

(Picture credit: Instagram/brookelevivincent)

Based in Manchester, Bee Sting is the brain child of Abbie Dixon. Abbie wanted to create a brand to promote body positivity, to celebrate women no matter what size or shape you are and Bee Sting Clothing was born. The design was inspired by her horses shoes and yes, it’s meant to look like a pair of boobs! :-)

(Picture credit: Instagram/bee_sting_clothing)

The first thing that I love is it’s a young, up and coming British brand, the second is the design- it’s so simple yet effective, it's fun and a bit tongue in cheek, not only that, the quality of the items are also fabulous.

When I received my sweatshirt, I was so pleased with it. The quality is lovely, not too thick, a nice fit and the cuffs and hem are good quality, there’s nothing worse than a sweater with baggy cuffs after a few washes, is there? The foil design is slightly distressed which I really like and the colour pallet of the range is gorgeous, the coral though.......drools......

The range currently is Sweatshirts and T-shirts, which are so easy to wear, dress them up or down and the design is classic whether you are horsey or not. So simple, so chic.

Shown here in a couple of my 'Ways to wear'

I think it's a really strong and empowering message to send out to women of all ages, it doesn't matter whether you are blessed or not so blessed in the boob department, and you should love what you've got regardless!

I know Abbie is working hard to build the brand so keep your eyes peeled, Bee Sting Clothing is certainly one to watch!

To view the whole range just click here.

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