Annie get your gun!

Never has this title ever been more fitting, as Annie is my nickname and my dad used to say this to me alot when I was little!

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Ladies Day, at Southdown Gun Club, Hosted by The Chelsea Shotgun & Bun Club.

I’ve never tried shooting before but it’s something I have always wanted to do. I was very apprehensive leading up to the event, mainly because I wasn’t sure what to expect, or whether I’d be any good or even hit a clay. I also thought why on earth are they letting me loose with a gun!! Haha!

I needn’t have been worried at all, firstly I was welcomed with open arms and enthusiasm. The people attending were a mix of beginners and experienced shooters so this put me at ease. Then I saw the array of cakes and prosecco- oh, we have to shoot first before cake??!

We had a quick briefing, were split into our teams (Everyone in my team was a beginner) and met with our instructor. Fi was a female instructor who was so enthusiastic and an experienced shooter so I had nothing to worry about.

We were shown how to use the gun and what we should expect to feel etc and then we were good to go. I was first up in the group- the first to pull the trigger!

I was so scared, holding the gun, firstly I didn’t realise how heavy the gun was, and also I was worried about the kick back and how much that would hurt. Also when holding the gun, you realise what a huge responsibility it is to hold a gun!

The other thing that was tricky to get my head around is that ‘Pull’ doesn’t mean pull the trigger, it means the clay is coming, thankfully I never got this wrong, but was hard for me to get into my brain- I’ll admit!!

So I pushed the gun into my face and looked down the barrel, with a little bit of anxiety mixed with excitement, Fi told me to pull the trigger! It took a second but felt like it took forever! BANG! I’d done it, fired my first shot! It felt amazing, I was so surprised about the rush of adrenaline!

And all the anxiety and apprehension was gone, It did push into my face and shoulder, but the harder you push against the gun, the less the kick back, so it wasn’t too bad at all.

So now it was time to try the clays, ‘Pull!’ shouted Fi, I followed it up with the guidance of Fi, ‘Now’ she said, I pulled the trigger and BAM! HIT!

I was so proud! I hit 7 out of 10 on my first round! BOOM, I’m pretty good at this after all!

All the girls in my group were so encouraging and we really cheered each other on! Whoops and cheers when we hit a clay, even a victory dance or two! And when we missed, words of encouragement and support.

I had 30 clays overall, and in total I hit more than I missed. I really got the bug for it, I actually just wanted to keep going, and get better and better, but all good things must come to an end.........

And that means CAKE!

So, all back to the clubhouse for an array of amazing cakes and a glass of fizz.

All the cakes were made by the ladies who were participating in the day, and they were just fabulous! I’m no Mary Berry but I thoroughly enjoyed taste testing them all!

As with most things shooting comes with its own dress code, so I felt I needed to at least look the part which leads me onto my look for the day!

I as praying for some sunshine because I wanted to get my legs out and I’m always in jeans so I wanted to wear a skirt!

It was sunny, but a bit chilly in the shade, so I was grateful for my lambs wool all seasons wrap from Annabel Brocks, it was perfect to pop on when we were shooting under the trees and looked fabulous too. It’s really durable and goes with everything! I keep it in my car at the moment, it’s perfect for those chilly evenings after the sun goes down in a pub garden or at a BBQ. I also took it on holiday with me to wrap up on the plane! Why do they put the air con on?! (if you sign up to the newsletter on Annabel Brocks newsletter, you can get 15% off!)

My skirt is by Alice in the Country, who I am Brand Ambassador for. Alice in the Country is a young British brand, breaking the mould of traditional tweed attire. I love this skirt because it’s high waisted and long, which is useful on a lanky girl like me!

My t shirt is the Atherstone Granddad T by Teddy Edward, and has become a staple in my wardrobe. Great with jeans for a casual look, good to ride in and also smart enough for an event like this.

Of course by boots are my trusty Fairfax & Favour, these are the mahogany Regina’s and I just adore them. I have slim legs and find it hard to get boots that fit my leg, Fairfax and favour always come out on top for style and quality for me. Under my boots what you can’t quite see are my alpaca blend socks in pink by Teddy Edward, (I've included a pic taken after I got home, relaxing on the sofa!) These were perfect under my boots as they were breathable and kept my feet comfortable.

(Photo credit: Josh Holgate Photography)

Accessories- This event gave me the perfect chance to wear my favourite fedora by Mackenzie and George, which complimented my outfit perfectly and stopped my hair getting in my face and kept the sun out of my eyes whilst looking down the barrel.

My bag is the gorgeous Highclere (Now renamed the Highcliffe) by Fairfax & Favour, perfect for the essentials and this is also perfect as a cartridge bag too, if you needed.

I finished the bag off with a large faux fur pom pom keyring from Alice in the country, it looks just like real fur and super glam.

My necklace is by Hiho Silver, the stirrup pendant necklace, so simple and finished off my outfit perfectly. I also wore my rose gold snaffle friendship bracelet and navy leather Annabel Brocks wrap.

I came away from my morning shooting feeling empowered, and exhilarated. I was full of adrenaline and positivity. It was just great, and great to spend a morning with a bunch of ladies with no bitchiness and healthy competitiveness.

I would definitely do it again, which I really surprise myself saying, I had an absolute blast and will be booking at my local shooting school for another lesson really soon!

(Photo credit: Josh Holgate Photography)

(Photo credit: Josh Holgate Photography)

If you haven’t tried it yet, I can highly recommend the ladies day events for your first taster, what are you waiting for?