The road to BD continues....

Apologies firstly for the radio silence recently. Just wanted to provide a little update on our BD journey. We were planning on competing this weekend but unfortunately my other horse came back to me unexpectedly so my attention had to switch to him in order to find him a new loan home, Mission completed so now my attention can fully focus on Wiki again, and get practicing.

We could go and just see what happens but I always say- Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, so I’ve postponed to another qualifier a little further away next month which gives us a few weeks longer, thankfully.

So the training is back on, although I have to admit, I think someone has stolen my horse and replaced him with an unbroken 4 year old! The other night when I was schooling, every time I asked for canter, he turned into a bucking bronco! He nearly had me out the front door at least 3 times, I have no idea how I managed to stay on!! Nothing to do with the vast amount of grass he’s been eating recently in the summer paddocks, and the fact that he’s feeling very very happy and cheeky.

I had his back checked just case and no problems with that or his saddle, just Wiki being his cheeky self- I can imagine him laughing inside as he’s throwing me about!

So on we go, I’m actually thankful that the heat wave has subsided aswell- It was way to hot to ride, so I had to get up super early to do something with him in the morning.

I do find that having something to work towards does really motivate you and keep you focussed.

I’ve also just been introduced to a fab new website that was actually designed by a friend of mine, it’s called My Stable Log and allows you to track your training, goals and log your progress in competitions.

How cool is that? I’ve signed up to the free trial and I love it- everything in one place! You can check it out here by clicking the logo below:

So, we plough on, lessons booked and a plan in place- Hopefully no more spanners in the works going forward.