My BD journey- the road to recovery

So, this year I've set myself a number of goals.

The first one is to compete Wiki, my beautiful 23 year old ex racer.

Up until now we've had so many stop starts due to a reoccurring leg injury, but now it seems he's fighting fit and ready to show the world just how fabulous he is!

So why now?

Well, like I said due to the injury he's had, I've not really had a chance to get going, we got him sound and fit and took him to hunter trial (he was immense) and unfortunately his leg went again and it seemed the issue was a little bigger than the vet had first thought.

I made the decision that if he came sound again, he could stay in work but he probably wouldn't jump again-it's not worth the risk, which is gutting because being an ex steeple chaser he came alive on the cross country course!

Because he's not ready to retire yet (we tried once) he's going to put his dancing shoes on and try a bit of dressage.

But me being me, we can't just go and do a local show or an unaffiliated competition, oh no, we are aiming for big things!! The British Dressage Racehorse to Riding Horse qualifiers and we are going to try a bit of the RoR showing too!!

(Eeeek, I must be mental!!!) Well go hard or go home right??

And to be honest, the difference in price of an affiliated and unaffiliated class is minimul nowadays anyway so you may as well qualify for something whilst you bother!

Wiki (racing name Wide Awake) is an ex steeplechaser, born in New Zealand in 1993, he came to the UK as a 3 year old and he raced until he was 10. He had a fracture and time off during his career and came back fighting. After racing, he was a happy hacker mainly, until I got him 3 years ago.

He wasn't a hugely successful race horse and I feel that he has a lot of talent even at the ripe old age of 23! In fact, a very well known eventer wanted him a few years ago before discovering just how old he was!!!

My biggest regret is not having him 10 years ago, so because he's not ready for retirement just yet, I feel I owe it to him to retire on a high, so that's the ultimate dream, but it will be fun giving it a go!

Why not, they do say, if your dreams don't scare you, then aren't big enough..... well, I'm bricking it, so this could be interesting!

I'm excited to share the journey with you!