Loving the rain in Louise....

The lovely team at Welligogs, have kitted me out for Badminton Horse Trials this weekend, and with the unpredictable weather we have at the moment, you have to cover every eventuality!

Amongst some other gorgeous items, they sent me the Louise Wax Jacket.

When I got it out the box, I was amazed at how light it was (Light not flimsy- we’ll get onto that) I’m used to being weighed down by a wax jacket and unable to move.

The cut of this jacket it stunning, fitted at the waist with a slight flare, it has a drop hem at the back, it’s a very elegant and feminine cut, which makes a change from the masculine, boxy coat of most ladies waxes out there. The stand up collar with it's corduroy lining is perfect for when the wind picks up, and the buckles keep it looking stylish. It also has a detachable hood.

It’s cotton lined so breathable and perfect for layering up, so will take you from autumn, right through to spring and also perfect for those rainy days in the summer.

I’ve certainly given it a good testing out this week- the weather has not known what it’s doing, I’ve been caught in a shower and a down pour- I was warm and dry under my Louise- The water just rolls off. It was also blowing a gale at the yard last night and again, I was cosy under my coat. It was also blowy when we took these photographs!

I’m really impressed with the quality for such a lightweight jacket, it’s nice to wear something that is comfortable but also does it’s job well. It's stylish design makes it perfect for the stables (I'm not going to muck out in it though- don't want it smelling of Eau De Horse!) but would look super smart at a country fair or the races and such like. It’s perfect for popping in the car on those ‘Just in case’ days too.

I have the deluxe chocolate check colour, but the Louise is also available in Chocolate, Black with a red trim, Sienna- which is a beautiful spring like rust colour, and Navy with a spotted trim.

Who are Welligogs?

What I love about Welligogs is they are a British brand, with each product hand cut and sewn in Britain. Founded in 2000 by Kim Annan, the company has evolved from hand painted rubber Wellington boots to the large array of outerwear, tweed and footwear they offer today. The name Welligogs was motivated by childhood memories of calling Wellington boots Welligogs, which I think is so sweet and also what I call my wellies too!

They use the best quality materials and each design is created in house by Kim and the team, focussing on tradition, functionality and comfort whilst exuding elegance and style. Their tag line is fitting- opulent endurance wherever you are… I couldn’t agree more, I feel so smart in my jacket and confident in it’s ability to keep me warm and dry.

Along with their wax and footwear range, they also do a super range of tweed- I also have one of the Isobel Summer Mist tweed jackets, which I will be wearing at Badminton this weekend so will give it a full review afterwards and I’m excited to see how it fairs. I know one thing already it looks fantastic! Many riders and presenters are seen in Welligogs tweed so I’m in good company too!

You can find Welligogs here, on instagram, twitter and Pinterest here.

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