Digby will see you now.......

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the new showroom of iconic brand Fairfax & Favor, so mum and I took a roadtrip to beautiful Norfolk. After visiting this beautiful part of the country last year for a beach ride with my horses I couldn’t wait to get back there!

Nestled in the grounds of Narford Hall, the setting couldn’t be more grand and picturesque. We pulled up to a pretty courtyard, which was a hive of activity.

Walking into the stable block reception area, you are greeted by beautiful stone walls with a chesterfield sofa on each side, the old tie up rings still on the walls, as well as a large framed cheque for £14,854.46- the proceeds from the sale of Fairfax’s special edition pink tassels in aid of Breast Cancer care, certainly something to shout about.

A warm welcome from Digby the dog (The real boss of the company) Marcus (Fairfax-Fountain, Co-Founder) and Jenny (Marketing supremo) we were led to the kitchen (Which used to be the shoeing room) for cup of the strong stuff- Tea! Well we have to get the priorities right!

Digby- F & F mascot and boss!

Once tea was made and we’d had a catch up, we were taken to the showroom, with 2 inviting chesterfield chairs await you, but what I loved the most was the amazing smell of leather which encompasses you when you walk in- I know I’ve said it before but you just cannot beat it, Can someone please just bottle it!

Each wall is adorned with one of every product, beautifully arranged on shelves and cabinets, it truly shows off the brand in all its glory, and as you’d expect is very in keeping with the image you’d tend to see at shows on their trade stand. I didn’t know where to look! (Kid in a sweet shop springs to mind, or should that be girl in a shoe shop?!)

I got to try on some products and I literally fell in love with everything on the shelves. Marcus kindly bought me lots of options to have a look at and I felt like Cinderella trying on the glass slipper!

I fell in love with the Explorer Boots and was lucky enough to have a pair to take home with me- A product review will be on the way exploring those further VERY soon! (Pun intended!)

We had a sneak peak at some new products, including the Highclere bag and a new suede belt with the F & F shield adorning the buckle as well as the beautiful Amira over knee boots (I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of these!) All stunning pieces, as well as getting to see samples of the new range, which are TOP SECRET! All I will say is there are certainly some stunning new designs set to be released as well as design improvements on our old favourites. So many plans for the next few months so it’s certainly going to be a very exciting time for the brand.

Boot Tassels

The Windsor bag

The Narford Belt

We were then given a grand tour, as a working stables only 2 years ago it’s fascinating to see the transformation. As the building is Grade II listed there are limitations in place with what can be changed or altered, hence the old stalls having to stay, which nowadays house boots and handbags, not horses.

The setting couldn’t be more fitting for the brand, in keeping with it’s roots and heritage, oozing luxury and class, yet is practical and functional.

You may be surprised to know that Fairfax & Favor have only been in business since 2013, seems incredible seeing as they are such a well renowned and sought after brand.

Established by childhood friends Marcus (Fairfax) and Felix (Favor) they descended upon the footwear industry as a luxurious, British- born lifestyle brand, aiming to create a timeless, fashion investment in every piece. Pride and care is taken in every aspect of development, with attention to details down to the smallest parts. The Fairfax & Favor shield is recognizable as their trademark and adorns all of their products with pride.

From their first show at Holkham Country Fair, just 4 years ago, Fairfax & Favor have expanded to a multi- channel shopping destination, with a worldwide audience on their website, 50 wholesale accounts (Which is growing constantly) as well as maintaining their strong presence on the show circuit.

Customers are at the heart of their business and I firmly believe that this is the essence of their success, with a one to one shopping experience added to their offerings it only epitomizes the brand values of accessible luxury.

I can highly recommend taking a trip or if you are in the area, make an appointment, I know Digby and the rest of the fabulous team would love to see you!rest of the team.

You can book a private appointment at the showroom by calling the Fairfax & Favor team on 01760 338199 or by visiting the website, go on, treat yourself!

Look at my happy face!

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