Hi, I'm Andrea, 
Welcome to my blog!


Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog, I'm so grateful to everyone that takes a minute to read my posts.

I first starting blogging because I was constantly seeing bloggers posting amazing and beautiful images but the blog posts were full of designer items or exotic hotels that were waaaaay out of my league and totally un relatable to me, so I started to share my pics on instagram and here we are!

I live and workin beautiful Oxfordshire, full of rolling fields and stunning buildings.

I'm a country girl with a passion for all things fashion and beauty (Just because I'm a country girl doesn't mean we spend all our time in tweed and wellies- well not every day anyway!) as well as a MASSIVE animal lover, if you've seen my instagram feed you'll already know my gorgeous dogs (2 miniature dachshund and a weimaraner) and I have 3 horses aswell- An ex racehorse  who's in his 20's, a warmblood who's very cheeky but quite talented and a retired thoroughbred with Cushings and Laminitis.

I love the high street as well as country style, and will bring you my key finds direct from my shopping bag, as well as beauty hacks, must haves and new product reviews.

So why the name 'mud on my mulberry', well I wanted my blogging name to reflect me and living such a busy life in between work, the horses and dogs, I'm constantly rushing from one place to another. The horses are usually done on my way to work, or on my way home and because I'm a little clumsy, it's not unusual for me to get splashed in mud or put my bag down in a puddle, my colleagues are often pulling straw out of my hair or hay from my jumper- I try my best to stay clean and tidy but it's not easy!

And I thought that 'mud on my mulberry' summed me up pretty well, I love fashion and the finer things in life, but I'm so unladylike sometimes it embarrassing!

So that's me, please do follow me on my social media, I love hearing all your comments and feedback.

Happy reading!